Our chef David spent many years in Asia and he knows what superb means. From his hands, the Asian cuisine of many regions comes out fresh, crispy, colourful and delicate as well as spicy...

Asian tasting table - Vietnamese Pho
Vietnamese Pho - rice noodles, beef, hot broth with a Vietnamese basil, bean sprouts, chili
Fried spring rolls stuffed with vegetable, fish sauce, chili
Korean salad “kimchi” - pickled Chinese cabbage, rice vinegar, chili
Salad of rice noodles - chicken, celery, chili, coriander

Asian tasting Table - Khmer green curry
Salad rolls wrapped in rice paper, tiger prawns, selection of dips
Amok - Khmer green curry with chicken, green beans, rice
Soba noodle salad - crab meat, marinated white ginger
Shrimp Soup “Tom yun kung” - lemon grass, mushrooms, chili

Asian tasting table - Sushi
Tuna and vegetable Maki sushi prepared at site - wasabi, marinated ginger, soy sauce
Salad of wakame seaweed - shrimps, sesame oil
Marinated tofu - Japanese soy sauce, green wasabi caviar
Nigiri sushi - Nishiki rice, slices of raw salmon

Asian tasting table - Roast ribs
Roast pork ribs - lemon grass, chili, rice, water spinach
Prawn salad - rice noodles, mint
Thai coconut soup - chicken, lime leaves, coriander, chili
Salad of beef fillet - Thai basil, roasted nuts, shrimp chips

Asian tasting table - Grilled redfish
Grilled redfish wrapped  in banana leaves - pak choi, oyster sauce, rice
Mushroom salad - egg noodles, bean sprouts, coriander
Wan-ton soup - dumplings stuffed with shrimp, fresh chili
Salad of green mango - dried squid, fish sauce
Chinese steamed dim sum dumplings