This is what a carnival on a plate looks like! We will bring tropical sun even to your Christmas party, along with grilled churrasco specialties, Brazilian sushi and other delicacies you know from the Brasileiro restaurants.

Brazilian tasting table - Churrasco Rodizio
Churrasco Rodizio carved at site - cupim, picanha, marucha, chicken hearts, chicken breast with bacon
Rice, beans, grilled pineapple
Corn with cilantro, grilled tomatoes

Brazilian tasting table - Sushi
Sushi maki & yasai prepared at site s - wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce
Salad of wakame seaweed and shrimps - sesame oil, chili
Salmon sashimi in sesame crust - soy sauce, lime juice
Nigiri sushi, Nishiki rice, sliced ​​fresh fish

Brazilian tasting table - Salmon with passion fruit sauce
Grilled salmon with passion fruit sauce - roasted potatoes, lemon thyme
Potato salad – cilantro, mayonnaise
Fennel salad - rocket, parmesan cheese, red onion
Roasted pork fillet - fresh bell pepper, olive oil

Brazilian tasting table - Roast veal liver
Roasted veal liver with mushroom mayonnaise
Soybean sprouts salad - shrimp, mango, lemon
Marinated salmon – fresh orange, dill sauce
Marinated roasted pork - tomato salsa, garlic

Brazilian tasting table - Leg of lamb
Roast leg of lamb - beans, rice, rosemary
Roasted red beets - cilantro, olive oil
Marinated vegetable - zucchini, eggplant, garlic