Traditional, but still contemporary. You’ll be served the familiar and popular flavours of Czech cuisine in their highest quality, as you know them from our Čestr and Lokál restaurants.

Czech tasting table - Beef with sauces
Boiled beef sliced at site with selection of sauces - dill, vegetable cream, mushroom
Bread dumplings, potatoes with butter
Beetroot salad
Fresh farmer's cheese with rocket
Chicken soup with homemade noodles

Czech tasting table - Roast Duck
Roast duck - honey, thyme, red cabbage, dumplings
Carrot salad with apples
Mixed green salad with fresh farmer´s cheese
Grilled pork belly and pickled vegetables

Czech tasting table - Grilled zander
Filet of zander - herb butter, lemon mayonnaise, baked jacket potatoes
Tomato salad with red onion
Salad of farmer´s blue cheese
Beef tartar with toasted bread

Czech tasting table - Roastbeef
Roastbeef - roast potatoes, farmer's cheese, chives
Mixed salad - tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, feta cheese
Celery salad with walnuts
Kulajda – traditional Czech dill soup with mushrooms

Czech tasting table - Prague ham
Prague ham - mashed potatoes, pickles, horseradish, homemade mustard
Cucumber salad with dill
Radish salad
Fillets of smoked trout with sour cream