Red-hot chilli, first-rate meat, fresh vegetables, coriander, beans... We’ve picked the tastiest flavours of American and Mexican cuisines.

Tex-mex tasting table - Cheeseburger
Homemade beef cheeseburger - bacon, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, mayonnaise, BBQ, tabasco
Baked potatoes
Salads - Caesar, Coleslaw

Tex-mex tasting table - Burritos
Burritos - tortilla, beef, chicken, fresh vegetable
Taco shells - nachos, minced beef
Crab Louie Salad - Crab meat, romaine lettuce, eggs, tomatoes
Cobb salad - lettuce, roasted bacon, chicken breast, tomatoes

Tex-mex tasting table - BBQ
Buffalo Chicken Wings, pork ribs, beef, sausages, salmon kebab - grilled on charcoal grill
Sauces - Pepper, BBQ, steak sauce A1, parsley butter, Sweet Chili, tabasco
Grilled corn, zucchini, bell peppers, onions
Roast jacket potatoes
Iceberg lettuce with bacon - blue cheese dressing

Tex-mex tasting table - Roast turkey
Roasted turkey with homemade stuffing - sweet potatoes, maple syrup, caramelized fennel, cranberries
Mixed lettuce with cherry tomatoes
Sliced ​​ham with honey mustard
Creamy Clam Chowder Soup - mussels, potatoes

Tex-mex tasting table - Hot dog
Hot dog - fine sausages from our butchery, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, ketchup
Salads - Coleslaw, Mixed lettuce with balsamic dressing
Chili con carne - beef, tortilla, rice, sour cream