The Queen of all cuisines combines the best ingredients, time-proven recipes and brilliant cooking skills. And this is how we offer it, too.

French tasting table - Magret Duck Breast
Magret Duck Breast - baked potatoes Grenaille, orange sauce
Rocket salad - radicchio, caramelized pecans, Roquefort
Lentil salad - onions, carrots, parsley, mustard
Bouillabaisse - Provençal fish soup, saffron, scallops, green beans

French tasting table - Lamb chops
Lamb chops - rosemary, chipolata sausages, potatoes au gratin, ratatouille
Masculine Salad - choice of young lettuce, flowers
French Onion Soup - white wine, cheese croutons
Salad Nicoise – tuna fish, eggs, beans, potatoes

French tasting table - Beef filet
Slow roasted beef tenderloin and hanger steak - rosemary potatoes, sauce Bordelaise
Garden lettuce - semi dried cherry tomatoes
Salad made of seafood - shrimps, mussels, green beans, parsley
Lightly smoked salmon - dressing of Dijon mustard, tarragon

French tasting table - Breton lobster
Grilled Breton lobster - truffle butter, seasonal vegetable
Duck Foie Gras terrine - apricot chutney, brioche
Caviar - crème fraiche, toast
Salad of smoked eel - beans, quail egg, olives

French tasting table – Grilled Sea bass
Grilled Sea bass - ginger-carrot puree, basil pesto
Watercress salad - roasted beet root, goat cheese
Cucumber salad - radishes, yogurt dressing
Duck liver pate - pickles cornichons