Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the age-old symbol of the Bohemian state. It is the most significant Bohemian heritage site, as well as being one of the most prominent cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. The most exclusive social events can be held in the Spanish Hall, Rothmayer's Hall, Rudolph's Gallery, the Ball Games Hall, or the Royal Garden. The Spanish Hall is the largest festive venue in Prague Castle. It is located in the northern wing above the entrance gate from the Powder Bridge. The hall is used to host representational conventions, official banquets held by the President of the Czech Republic, festive concerts and other similar events. The Spanish Hall can be interconnected with the no less lavish Rudolph’s Gallery. Rothmayer's Hall is located in front of the entrance to the Spanish Hall and is suitable for banquets or cocktail parties. Prague Castle’s Ball Games Room occupies a separate building in the gardens and features beautiful French windows which overlook the park.